Heather Thompson

Psychic Tarot Reader / Reiki  Healer / Teacher / Holistic Guide

Hi, I'm Heather, welcome to Holistic Angelic Therapy.

Like all of us, I'm a work in progress.  Thirteen years I began a journey from relatively high

corporate achiever to Psychic Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer / Teacher and Holistic Guide.

I love using my Psychic skills to read the Tarot for people and have received so much

positive feedback so far.  I have learned with one of the best Psychics - Inbaal and would love the opportunity to read for you.

I have also learned so much about Overwhelm (stress, anxiety); Mindfulness and Meditation that I wanted to pass on my knowledge and help others to find their own path to a more peaceful, balanced life.

I offer:

Virtual / Face to Face / Email Tarot Readings

One to One and Distance Healing.

Attunement to Levels I, II and Reiki Master / Teacher


Guidance on managing Overwhelm.

Thank you Heather, I feel very positive after your tarot reading.  The 12 month forecast has given me a good insight into what lies ahead and it is comforting to know the future is looking positive. You showed me a genuine interest. Your care and compassion, shines through. 
T.M. Feb 2021
Following your reading,  I'll just keep steady progress with my projects, and later see how I feel. This course of action brings my anxiety level down. This means a lot to me.
A.G. Jan 2021
How on earth do you do it Heather!?  Thank you so much .  I loved reading it and it's helped me to take some time to reflect which is much appreciated.  Accurate to where I am.
H.H. Dec 2020
V.W. Dec 2020
I cannot thank Heather enough for everything she has done for us.  She is a wonderful diamond with a beautiful spirit and a fantastic gift
Heather is a lovely person who I felt at ease with as soon as we met.  She is extremely empathetic and a great listener.  She has helped me to process my emotions  and control my anxiety on a number of occasions.
The Reiki sessions are extremely relaxing and great for clearing the mind of negativity.  Heather offers warmth, kindness and a real understanding.
K.A. Nov 2018
GS, April 2019
Well I don’t know what to say really (in a good way), I’m happy with the reading, and feel that a lot is very appropriate and also positive. Overall very pleased, and hope I can come back to you again sometime.