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lady had a 'road to Damascus' moment and realised that ... you know what ... there's something in this Holistic stuff.  Just over ten years ago I embarked on this road to self healing and haven't looked back.

A very sceptical, stressed, 

despite a Roman Catholic upbringing.  I was focused on my career in the corporate sector.  I had no real idea of who I was or where I was going.  Just putting one foot in front of the other day after day.

I had never lived a Spiritual life

in my brain was on overdrive, constantly had me second guessing myself.  The number of times I wished I'd done or said something differently.  I was convinced everyone was against me, I wanted to hide, avoided social situations unless a great deal of drink was involved ....

The Monkey

to turn my life around because healing I received during a Reiki session, enabled me to conceive my son.  I wanted to be the best Mother possible and I knew that I couldn’t do it without healing some long held wounds. 

I took the plunge

has included Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Angelic Meditation and Shamanic Drumming as well as discovering about Highly Sensitive People, recognising my Intuitive skills, and learning about psychological self care.

My path

includes belief in Angels because I experienced Divine Healing from Archangel Gabriel during 'that' Reiki session.  However, I am well aware that not everyone shares my belief and any references I may make to Angels may be interpreted as your own personal Deity (or guide) as you feel most comfortable with.

My personal Spirituality

I've been able to do this all whilst at home raising my, now school age, children.  However, not everyone has that luxury. 

I've been fortunate

workshops.  We are all on our path, there is no one size fits all, I hope to provide some guidance so you can reconnect to your true self and the direction you would like to go.   There are only two at the moment:

So, I created

Overcoming Overwhelm using clever Mindfulness and Prevention techniques to Heal.   Your Overwhelming life is manageable, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 


Beat the Bully has come about after helping my little boy and some of his friends to deal with what appears to be the inevitable bullying associated with childhood.  We've had fun discovering visualisation and coping techniques to help us respond positively to bullying.

Beat the Bully

Experiencing a profound Spiritual intervention through a Reiki Treatment is what started me on this process.  I decided to become a Reiki Master / Teacher so that I too could help people to  help themselves.


Influencers and Mentors

I have met and received help from a large number of amazing, beautiful, loving people on this journey and I am grateful for each and every one. 

The decision to guide is mostly influenced from all I have learned from Chrissie Astell through her Educating Heart and Soul course. I have also completed her Masterclass in Spiritual Facilitation.


My gentle Reiki Master - Sue Brown who has brought me so many gifts, hosted my children's naming ceremonies, patiently mentoring me ... thank you.

Liz Green - for the most transformational Shamanic Drumming session.  A beautiful healer.

Guidance not Instruction

Heather Thompson
07710 147896



Based in Meltham, near Huddersfield. West Yorkshire

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