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Beat the Bully

We can't control what happens to us - 

We CAN learn how to control our response.

Sadly, bullying is still with us and our children continue to be subject to it.

bullied boy sat on a bench

Over the years that my children have been in school, they and some of their friends have encountered a few bullies.  Despite the best intentions of the school, they are limited in the extent to which they can manage the bully's behaviour.  This is particularly the case where there is no parental buy-in to the bully's actions.

Bullying should NEVER be Excused - it is unacceptable - but unfortunately sometimes very difficult to avoid.

​We may never know why they bully.

​Understanding that there is a reason - 

  • does help form acceptance and a frame of reference,

  • creating distance between your child and the bully,

  • thus diminishing the effects of the bullying.  

 the bully is kicking out to try and make themselves feel better -

bullied girl isolated

Workshop Format:

We will start the interactive workshop with a short meditation and then explore each step of the Beat the Bully process:

My work does include references to Angels and Spirit Guides, (About me) however, we all have different belief systems and I am happy to tailor my delivery.

Reassure your child so they Understand why they might be a target and why the bully may be bullying.
Guide the
To Use your Super Powers of Meditation and Visualisation to Protect and Strengthen yourself against the bullying. 

Workshop Duration:

The workshop is designed to be held in half a day.   Sessions can be arranged to attend with or without children.


If you are interested in this workshop, either as a private individual or for your organisation, please contact me for further information. 

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