Book A Reiki Treatment

Each treatment regime is different.  One treatment may be sufficient or sometimes top ups are needed.

Distance Reiki Treatments can be done quite literally anywhere in the world and are charged at £30.00 for the first half hour treatment.  Subsequent treatments (which can sometimes be as little as 10 minutes) are totted up to the nearest half hour, whereupon I make a further charge of £30.00.

Once booked and a mutually convenient time agreed, all you will need to do is make yourself comfortable somewhere quiet, with no interruptions - switch your phone to silent, turn the TV etc off.  Allow yourself to accept what comes.  I will message you when the treatment is complete, usually after about half an hour.

In Person healing sessions are only available from my treatment room in my home near Huddersfield.  

An In Person treatment usually takes about an hour, comprising of about half an hour's treatment, a follow up on your experience and a mini Crystal or Angel card reading.  This costs £45.00.  If you require a top up, we can usually do this by distance, in which case I will tot up each healing and charge when we reach £30.00.