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Book A Reiki Treatment

Each healing regime is unique.  One treatment may be sufficient or sometimes top ups are needed.

I insist on an introductory call (phone or virtual) prior to conducting a treatment as it is very important to me that a positive connection is established between myself and my clients. .

Distance Reiki Treatments can be done quite literally anywhere in the world and are charged at €35.00 / £30.00 / US$40.00 for the first half hour treatment.  Subsequent treatments (which can sometimes be as little as 10 minutes) are totted up to the nearest half hour, whereupon I make a further charge.

Once booked and a mutually convenient time agreed, all you will need to do is make yourself comfortable somewhere quiet, with no interruptions - switch your phone to silent, turn the TV etc off.  Allow yourself to accept what comes.  I will message you when the treatment is complete, usually after about half an hour.

In Person healing sessions are currently unavailable. 

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