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Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

You are too sensitive for your own good.

Toughen up.

Don't be so sensitive.

Do you find yourself:

easily overwhelmed / needing to withdraw.

acutely sensitive to loud noises, crowds, negativity.

experiencing stronger / deeper emotions than others seem to.

Are you:

highly intuitive?

very conscientious?

considered a perfectionist?

High Sensitivity is an innate temperament trait, not a disorder or an illness.

  • This is not the same as being introverted. 

  • HSP’s are often socially extrovert. 

  • Primarily an HSP FEELS. 

  • We can be very susceptible to noise, positivity (too much of it) as well as negativity (be that in the news or much closer to home).

  • we automatically absorb the moods around us – too much negativity and we get overwhelmed. 

  • Some shut down into depression, or anxiety can manifest as well as extreme anger and frustration. 

  • We have an overwhelming compulsion to help – to fix, which in turn adds to our sensitivity – particularly if we perceive failure. 

  • Scenario creating – in that we try and picture how we could have done something better is a common trait.

An HSP automatically expects the rest of the world to behave as they do – with kindness and compassion and empathy.  Thus, to not be treated the same is interpreted with extreme shock and bewilderment.  “I would never say a nasty thing to someone else so why on earth would they think to say it to me?”.  This response can knock an HSP right off balance, causing huge anxiety, over thinking and worry.  We think that we are somehow responsible for the extreme action of the perpetrators.  We simply DON’T understand.  Sadly, we continue to not understand but learn techniques to manage our responses – or preferably learn to bounce the negativity back before we absorb it.

Would you like some Spiritual Guidance to understand and manage your sensitivity?

Is your child or someone you know Highly Sensitive?

My HSP/HSC Spiritual Guidance encourages people to look at the reality of being Highly Sensitive. 

We will talk about HSP/HSC traits.

I provide mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you on or your own journey into managing 'HSPness'.


Please contact me at for further information. 

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