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Musings on my life ...

I also look back at my Spiritual progress, developing my Psychic Abilities, particularly via the Tarot.

My Reiki Healing journey and how it has helped so many others.

Aaaand navigating day to day in a world that sometimes appears to have 'gone mad' - there are a few of these that should probably be read with your tongue firmly in your cheek!

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A thirst for the spirit world

I have been kindly recommended, by my wonderful newly retired Reiki Master, to someone who ‘has a bit of a thirst for the spirit world and feel they would like to embrace it more’ … ‘what do I suggest?’ ….

Hmm, easy to answer no? The direction you go in kinda depends on why you have the thirst …

I didn’t even know I was thirsty, so got blindsided and fortunately grabbed every thing Spirit threw at me.

Putting aside seeking Reiki treatments for physical ailments whereupon the healing experience just blows your mind and you investigate further. Lets look at Reiki being a pretty good place to start actually, that is if you receive the kind of treatment my Reiki Master and I both tend to work with – which is Angelic Reiki. Spirit makes their presence felt in your Reiki treatment in a manner very personal to you, awakening you to ‘something out there’. Follow up treatments will provide lovely Reiki energy, however, it is up to you, the recipient, to actively decide to do something with that energy.

Some people are quite happy to receive, feel the benefits of the healing and continue their way as before. Whilst others, like myself, realised that there was something very special out there. The next step is to establish a connection that works for you. This may take some trial and error. I started by learning to meditate – with the Angelic realm helping me along and having some more Reiki Treatments, before I became attuned to the Reiki Energy myself.

Choosing to explore your inner Spiritual you is the beginning of a journey. A journey which will inevitably contain some sort of healing and connecting process. Connecting to your Spirit guides and guardian angels, which in turn facilitates healing past hurts, possibly even past life issues; or simply learning another way of life, grounding yourself in the present, letting go of the modern materialistic world … the choice is yours to follow or ignore Spiritual guidance.

Meditation is always a good place to start, to slow yourself down, learn to connect with and listen to your Spirit guides and learn to trust your intuition / gut. This will usually give you ideas to follow up to facilitate your journey.

I’m here to help – have a look at the website, email me and lets talk … much love x

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