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Bridging the Sceptic to Mystic chasm

A beautiful friend invited me for coffee this morning. She has encouraged me to continue with my blog, some things resonate with her, though she pointed out that the whole ‘mystical angelic thing’ remains a mystery apart from what I’ve mentioned.

So, how does a committed anti religion, anti anything Holistic, but not quite Atheist suddenly find themselves totally and utterly convinced by the presence of Spirit and its guiding light. It blindsided me, well and truly. The message was so utterly impossible to ignore that I knew I had to find out more, which is what then put me firmly on the path to connecting more closely with these beautiful beings and in so doing, reached the point where I am now.

Spirit manifested itself in Angelic form for me in a message and direct healing energy during a Reiki session from Archangel Gabriel. That healing resulted in me being able to conceive my son at the age of 40, after two failed IVF attempts, having never been pregnant before (not even briefly) and with no medical reason behind my inability to conceive.

Any sceptic could quite rightly think ‘oh yeah Archangel Gabriel, who does she think she is the Virgin Mary reincarnated?’ I appreciate the irony, but I cannot deny what I know I experienced … and no, my son’s conception was not ‘immaculate’, but the ability to do so was very much as a result of the healing I received. This was in the form of white light directed at my sacral and solar plexus chakras, the message was clear “I am Gabriel, I am going to give you something”. At the time, I was so far removed from the Religious world, that I had completely forgotten about Archangel Gabriel’s purported role in the conception of Jesus Christ. So, it was quite something for me when I googled after that Reiki session and in fact the importance of just who this messenger was only really hit me when I realised I was pregnant. Joining the dots has never been quite so shocking.

My very foundations were shaken and I had to look again at my whole relationship with the world around me.

Bridging the gap required, for me at least, a senses reeling, body blow. Quite literally. Its all very well telling people that there is Energy all around us and spouting on about positive and negative energy. Beautiful words telling pretty stories – our responses to what we encounter are in our control. I chose to believe there was something in ‘all of this’ after my first meditation session, I chose to continue learning about and absorbing positive energies. I couldn’t deny that something had clearly happened in that healing session – because eight weeks later, a little being was growing inside of me.

Spirit / Angelic Energy / Karma manifests itself in a myriad different ways for each and every one of us. We are all surrounded by, indeed the Universe is made up on energy. We all have a ‘sixth sense’, though a lot of us are in denial about its availability to us. That is primarily because, through life’s hard knocks, we’ve learned to ‘rely on ourselves, our actions, our control’ over the slings and arrows of life. It is also, exactly that scepticism / fear of falling foul that keeps us from letting go and genuinely handing our fate over to the Universe. It takes a mind blowing encounter to start to come out from our shell and to believe in something totally outside of our own experience.

That ‘sixth sense’ – that’s it – that’s Spirit / The Universe / Angelic Guides …. that positive, intuitive energy is all around us, always. The more we trust it, accept it as a positive force for good, the more it becomes available to us and the more we are then able to use it/sense it/absorb it/recognise it as Spirit / Angelic / Universal / Karmic etc.

Learning about it and how to use it (positive) and block ourselves (negative) is a long process with a huge amount of of trial and error. I will continue to blog on the subject, however, I am also putting things down for the ‘possible book’ in far greater detail.

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