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Tarot Lesson 1

First EVER face to face Tarot reading yesterday. Thank you T for being my guinea pig. An interesting experience, in some respects very little different from doing readings on Zoom (other platforms are available). It was lovely though to sit down in someone else’s kitchen, drink tea out of some one else’s mug and chew the fat.

I’m glad I had that opportunity, because I’ve been finding doing remote readings, just by email, quite challenging at times. In fact, one appears to have really been off course. Fortunately the querent is happy for me to try again, this time face to face, – thank goodness for guinea pigs!

Reading the Tarot carries a great deal of responsibility, its absolutely fascinating though to gain a vignette into someone else’s life, then to see if the cards drawn provide some insight into which direction the might choose to go. Interestingly, no matter how many times one reads, the Tarot will give the same answers if that is what is needed. Different cards may come up, but the interpretations will be still be the same. Tarot reading requires me to tap into my Psychic abilities so that I can connect with and read for my querent’s energies. However, the actual message could well remain the same.

Fairly recently, someone has been struggling to find fulfilment and had been looking for it in their career, an intellectual solution. A change of role was in the cards, though they also showed that the role change was not going to bring the total satisfaction the querent sought. Despite numerous readings, the answer was the same, look at alternatives for something that will feed the soul. It has been a huge pleasure to watch this querent explore their inner creative abilities (there’s plenty to go at!), whilst also pursuing a role change in order to help bring balance to their endeavours to feed the soul, i.e., earn sufficient income to pursue soul feeding pleasures, whilst not being bored to tears in her job – which would be counter productive.

The cards and their interpretation can only ever guide – the querent can choose which path to take. Often, its not the most obvious or easiest path either!

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