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Musings on my life ...

I also look back at my Spiritual progress, developing my Psychic Abilities, particularly via the Tarot.

My Reiki Healing journey and how it has helped so many others.

Aaaand navigating day to day in a world that sometimes appears to have 'gone mad' - there are a few of these that should probably be read with your tongue firmly in your cheek!

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Where do I start?

Last night a friend who is open to the idea of the Universal Energies approached me for help as she is at a complete loss as to where to begin on her healing journey. A trawl through the Internet had resulted in a huge load of ideas but little that resonated. However, she did find a lovely meditation, which she followed to the letter, only to find that she ended up being pretty darned angry at the end of it. Seems rather counter intuitive doesn’t it – meditation is meant to calm not anger!

I recently came across a lovely meme stating that Prayer is us talking to God / The Universe / Spirit and Meditation is us Listening to God / The Universe / Spirit.

Aha – that meditation was Spirit trying to tell her something. For want of a better expression, it ‘shook something loose’. Something deeply buried came to the fore, the trouble was she didn’t quite know what to do with it, so she got in touch with me!

Our human lives are often rather rule driven, follow this set of procedures and that will follow. Connecting with Spirit just isn’t like that. There isn’t a nice easy step by step process to take on a healing journey. Different emotions and feelings seemingly randomly appear, which can be confusing and put us off going down this rather unscientific route. My friend has reached the end of the road of coping with negativity coming at her from all sides, she really does want it to stop and had hoped to find a straightforward step by step programme to take her through.

We are all different, we relax in different ways, we approach difficulties from our own unique perspective. For some adhering to strict mindfulness or NLP techniques fit perfectly. Others prefer sitting still and feeling the sun on their face … The trick with any road like this is to start by creating a little headspace. Even enjoying a glass of wine on your patio whilst watching the sunset over the hills is a form of meditation and mindfulness. Simply allowing your head to stop and relax. The wine is optional of course and alcohol will interfere with the energies communicating with us … but its a great start.

Hands up who gets irritated when there’s a red traffic light ahead? Me too, until someone suggested to think of it as a brief opportunity to take a breath, even do a mini meditation or a spot of mindfulness. I try to remember that when caught up in traffic or whenever anything gets in my way. Its an opportunity to stop!

That act of stopping, gives the mind time to take stock. Thoughts will meander in and out, which is where keeping a journal nearby is helpful, to allow you to simply note what you see, sense, smell, feel, remember. Journalling doesn’t have to mean committing something deep and dark down on paper, not at all, many a time I have simply started describing where I am, or something that made me laugh. Sometimes that’s all that got written down, other times that exercise led me on a path to unravelling a knotty issue that had been dogging me for years.

Once that thorny issue is identified, I find a healing technique to deal with it, though even that hasn’t always been necessary, just the act of writing the the thing down and unravelling it has been enough for some things to be resolved. Usually it is meditation, but sometimes it has been Shamanic Drumming, Reiki Healing or just listening to Mantra Music. Music is something I return to time and time again to help with my healing.

Lets look at meditation though and how it can help to really cut through something nasty in our psyche. There are countless meditations out there, a great deal of which often encourage the idea of ‘letting go’, cutting the ties’ etc. I’m sure they work for some people, but both of these ideas took a great many years for me to finally get to grips with. By far the most useful guidance I have found is to ‘transmute’ the energy.

I came across Chrissie Astell ( at a Psychic Fair four years ago. She is an expert on communing with the Angels, a lovely kind spirit with a wealth of knowledge. It was through her guided meditations – and she does ones where one ‘cuts ties’ and ‘lets go’ as well – that I found one with Archangel Zadkiel where one sends one’s issue into a purple flame and asks for it to be transmuted into positive energy.

The idea of not only sending your negative issue away, but actively transmuting it into positive energy totally resonated with me. Before that I always felt like the issue had never really left me – there will have been an element in the early days of not really being able to ‘let go’, but I know that as I moved on in my healing journey, just letting go remained a stumbling block. Chrissie’s beautiful meditation guides you through the process, it works something like this:-

I visualised an unresolved conflict with another person being consumed by a purple flame. At the same time, I asked for the negativity associated with the whole ‘mess’ to be transmuted into positive energy to be sent to the person concerned. No proviso is put on that positive energy by me, their life path is not something I can influence, but by removing the negativity from my life and sending them positivity in the same action, the issue is neutralised from my perspective and rather than wishing ill on them, which is a very human emotion, Spirit has been asked to send them positivity. That positivity may not result in a human resolution of the conflict (it hasn’t), but my heart is free of the toxicity and I know they have received nothing but blessings from my side.

I have used this meditation countless times for all sorts of things, aspects of my personality, emotions and feelings arising from past trauma etc etc.

My friend is going to have a go at the purple flame meditation, she now also feels a bit clearer on allowing herself to take her time. Start with giving herself space, being kind to herself. Keeping a notebook to hand and letting her thoughts meander as they will and then using the meditations as she sees fit. Over time, this will become more regular for her.

Oh and one other way to start – as you settle down for the night, allow yourself to be grateful for all that happened today. Its a great way to settle your head …

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