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Archangel Gabriel completely changed my life during a Reiki session

Fifteen years ago, after two failed rounds of IVF, producing very few eggs of dubious quality, we were told by our lovely Obstetric Consultant that realistically we weren’t going to have children.  We decided to be brave, ordered some hand made furniture and booked the holiday of a lifetime.  My husband even priced up a sports car for me.

Heather Thompson Laughing

Then a friend invited me to her meditation group.  

I didn’t have the best start in life and was totally against all religion and very suspicious of anything ‘new agey’. 

However, resolving to be polite and open minded, I took the first step towards the rest of my life.

On a gloriously warm, sunny early Spring evening, I penned a request to:

‘either become a parent or have the wisdom and ability to accept the alternative with grace and thus move on’. 

I was then led through a beautiful Angelic meditation, where I sensed 'something' and saw beautiful colours.

Finally, I experienced the ‘tingle’ in my receiving hand for the very first time as I selected a Crystal card – definitely meant for me - about being at a crossroads in my life and having a choice to make.

Eight weeks later, I took a pregnancy test - for the first time in my life I was pregnant!  My son is Sue's ‘19th' baby.  We were also blessed five years later with a little girl, with no Reiki intervention.  I am in no doubt she was a gift from the Angels for all the Spiritual work I subsequently did and continue to do to change my life around to the point that I am here offering Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Tarot Readings and Reiki Healing / Teaching.

Realising that there was ‘something in this new agey stuff after all’, I stopped for coffee when I returned my friend home and she told me her own infertility story.  We had both been going to the same clinic at much the same time over the past couple of years, with the same sad results.  My friend was five months pregnant  and firmly believed this was due to Reiki healing from Sue who had led the meditation session.

Two weeks later I plucked up the courage for a Reiki Treatment. That first session was life changing.  I came away feeling like a huge weight had been lifted and I was buzzing.  The experience was absolutely incredible, I could feel the energy rocking me on the treatment table!  I was so relaxed that my equally sceptical husband subsequently had a couple of treatments and had his own prejudices and misconceptions upended. 


I decided to visit Sue again about a month later and in this particular treatment I experienced my very own ‘road to Damascus’ moment:

At some point in the session, I felt a presence and silently asked ‘who are you?’ to which I received ‘I am Gabriel, I am going to give you something’.  I was then gifted the most incredible healing pure white brilliant light.  It entered my body and head and left me feeling incredibly cleansed and blessed.

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