Psychic Tarot

Tarot is one of the best tools to hone one's Psychic abilities.  Learning with my friend, Inbaal - a life long Psychic I realised I have a precious gift - to Psychically read the Tarot delivering guidance so that my querents can guide themselves.  I learned using the Rider Waite Deck and prefer to use the Lightseers Deck.

Tarot is an excellent tool to figure out human relationships. How else might you know what someone else is thinking?


What about the future?  What does it hold for me? Should I / shouldn't I? 

Will they / Won't they?  Is my Dad ok?  Will my children be happy?

The cards don't lie - I work with you to interpret the cards, so you can connect to your inner wisdom - making the best decision for you.

It's helpful if you have some idea of what you would like to know from your reading.  I start with a 'get to know my querent' spread.  After which we can look at anything - Career, Finances, Fertility, Relationships ... the possibilities are endless. 

Choose a virtual, email, phone or in-person reading.

It's your reading - between us, we'll tailor it to your requirements - longer, shorter, one topic, a quick yes/no, in depth, whatever it is you feel you need.

Each reading is unique - for that particular moment in time. 

I read the cards.  I don't advise, nor recommend.