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Traditionally Reiki training spans three degrees, which are self contained. 

You will progress from one degree to the next according to your own rate of personal experience and inner growth.

There are no special conditions or equipment required to learn and practice Reiki.

Reiki Attunement

An attunement is an adjustment of your personal vibration to the higher vibration of the Reiki power, so that more energy can flow through your body.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

I teach three levels of Reiki Attunement:


The First Degree Attunement increases the vibration frequency of the four upper chakras - the Heart (4th), Throat (5th), Third eye (6th) and the Crown (7th).  This mainly opens the physical body so that you can take in more Universal Life Force Energy and let more of it flow through you.

During a one day (or over two  half days) workshop, you will receive instruction on the Five Principles, History, Uses and Guidance on Usui and Angelic Reiki.  You will also learn about the seven main energy centres (or Chakras) in the body; a Chakra Cleansing process and Protective and Healing Meditations. 


This will enable you to heal yourself and to heal someone / something that is physically present, i.e., Direct healing. 

In order to achieve your certificate, you must complete and journal a 30 day self healing process following the Attunement.


Second Degree attunement widens an existing Reiki channel, so First Degree attunement must have already taken place.  Preferably at least one to six months before to allow the level of energy present at Reiki I to flow for a while.  Most allow at least three months, to enable a thorough learning of First Degree; do healing and self healing sessions and give themselves time to adjust to the new energy.  Some, feel comfortable to take I and II attunements closer together, as long as one understands and is willing to accept the speed of the life changes that follow.

During a one day (or two  half days) workshop, the attunement increases the amount of Ki energy and focuses on Emotional, Mental and Karmic healing in the person receiving it.  Three of the five Reiki symbols are activated to be used consciously for the first time.  You are now provided with tools and methods to add power to direct healing sessions and also to conduct distance healing.

You must complete and journal five case studies (conducting three healing sessions per study) including one distance healing subject following the Attunement.


Reiki Master / Teacher training involves two major aspects of Reiki, attunement to the higher, more refined Reiki Master Energy and teaching in how to pass on Reiki attunements.  


During a two day workshop, you will be given guidance on being a Reiki Master / Teacher, receive two further attunements to the Reiki energy and three additional symbols for use in healing and passing on Attunements.  You will also learn how to pass on Attunements and how to run a Reiki Workshop.


In order to receive your certificate, you may be required to carry out further case studies and an Attunement.


To find out more about a Reiki attunement please contact me. I insist that we meet, virtually at least, to discuss your intentions.  Any attunement will be done in person.

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