Spiritual Guidance

My Spiritual journey has been conducted largely on my own.  I have, however, found that I have a knack for guiding people through psychic blocks; helping them on their Spiritual path and being able to decode some of the 'woo woo' that can confuse and muddy the waters.

So if you 'have a yen for the Spiritual', or feel you might be experiencing a psychic block perhaps, lets have a chat - probably online and we can go from there.

We'll start by talking about:

  • Your motivation, i.e., what is it that has set you on this journey?

    • For example, in my case it was infertility; it may be anxiety; fear; an illness or; just wanting some sort of Spiritual connection ...​

  • How do you envisage connecting to Spirit?​

    • Meditation; mindfulness; music; healing sessions; yoga ... the list is endless ​

  • Does the concept of Angels resonate; or do crystals feel more comfortable ...​

From there, we can map a route forward that works for you.  I may be able to help along that route, or you may find it more beneficial to go elsewhere on your journey. 

Each Spiritual Journey is unique, we may chat once or meet up more often over the course of your journey - it's up to you.

We'll start with an online call which will cost £30.00.  Subsequent charges (if any) will be agreed as we progress through your journey.