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OOMPH - the quality of being exciting or energetic






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Overwhelm = stressed​

Do you know when you’re getting stressed / overwhelmed?  

Here's how to navigate and manage life's stresses, returning you to your true self.

Is it only when you kick the cat that it hits you?

  • When stressed, your body believes it’s under attack and switches to ‘fight or flight’ mode. Resulting in a mix of hormones and chemicals releasing into your body, preparing for physical action. You may lose concentration or be less able to digest food.

  • Your body usually returns to normal as the threat passes, but if you’re continually under pressure this might not be the case. 

  • In certain situations, stress can cause other mental health conditions, or make them worse.

  • There’s no universally agreed medical definition of stress. At its most simple, stress is your body's physical response to mental or emotional pressure. Everything can add to our levels of stress.

  • Reducing stress in your everyday life helps maintain your health, improve your mood, boost your immune system and allow you to be more productive.  When stress gets the better of you, it increases your risk of developing other illnesses. 

  • When you're affected by stress you might find it hard to get to or stay asleep, missing out on sleep can contribute to your stress, creating a never-ending cycle.

Overwhelm -  what is it / what does it mean to you?

Overwhelm -  the signs.

Management  - techniques to match you.

Prevention - strategies.

Heal - yourself from the inside out.


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