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Musings on my life ...

I also look back at my Spiritual progress, developing my Psychic Abilities, particularly via the Tarot.

My Reiki Healing journey and how it has helped so many others.

Aaaand navigating day to day in a world that sometimes appears to have 'gone mad' - there are a few of these that should probably be read with your tongue firmly in your cheek!

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Musings on a Reiki inspired spiritual journey

I have been inspired to write a blog for a long time, mostly to comment on the truly odd things I encounter in my daily life.  However, I actually need to do this to order my thoughts and get myself straight to do my Reiki Master.  Curious, I just flicked through a few Reiki related blogs on WordPress and encountered everything from total denial to what appears to be acid inspired musings on the Universe.  Sorry to disappoint you but I am not inebriated (this actually hampers the Energy flow) and if anything I have a VERY pragmatic approach to what, on the face of it, appears to be rather wacky.

So what is Reiki, well my interpretation (on the receiving end) can only be described as feeling a flow of amazing Energy, I tend to see colour and often hear messages directed at me for my benefit.  When treating…

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